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STACK-CUP ™ is an eco-friendly reusable and washable cup set to permanently change the way in which the events and bar industries service their customers. Over are the days of spillage and breakage, when you had to make your way through thick crowds at a concert, festival or a sports event with a wobbly tray full of drinks. Forget asking your friends to help carry large drink rounds – one pair of arms is all that’s required for STACK-CUP ™ to work.

Disposable cups have become one of the most visible forms of waste: the image of thousands of cups littering stands at sporting events or green fields at outdoor events is a familiar source of frustration for the media and public at large. STACK-CUP ™ provides an eco-friendlier solution and alternative to the ordinary plastic cups.

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Each Stack-Cup can be re-used hundreds of times, greatly reducing the amount of waste generated. A study estimates that over 120 events at a 60,000 capacity venue, by using Stack-Cups instead of paper cups 83.7 t of waste could be avoided, or 47.7 t when compared to polystyrene cups.

Additionally, each Stack-Cup displaces the need to manufacture and dispose of many single-use cups. Over time, Stack-Cup is estimated to provide substantial CO2 savings when compared to disposable alternatives (this includes the assumption that each Stack-Cup is washed at 60 degrees in a commercial washing machine between uses).

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