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junk4funk facilitates Recycled Music Workshops for children at festivals, in schools, at council events, and for organisations such as BMW, EDF Energy, The Olympic Torch Relay, The National Trust, Biffa, and Fairtrade. To date, over 400 workshops have taken place across the UK.

Workshop participants make music and musical instruments from waste/recycled materials – for example, the cereal-box or the pizza-box could become a “Green Guitar”, or the empty pop bottle could become a “Samba Shaker”.

junk4funk encourages the next generation to think about issues of waste and disposability in a fun, exciting and accessible manner and its workshops aim for a future society that celebrates the notion of re-suing materials.




Green Profile

junk4funk is built around principles of environmental sustainability, finding both ways to up cycle waste and provide a fun educational service in the process. Additionally, all of junk4funk’s transport to deliver workshops is by public transport.

junk4funk is also included in the NESTA book “Compendium for the Civic Economy” , which aims to showcase “change-makers […] finding ways to imagine and grow a different economy in our cities, towns, neighbourhoods and villages” against the backdrop of present social, economic and environmental change.

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