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Firefly Solar offer green energy products and services that meet the needs of environmentally concerned individuals and organisations that are looking to reduce the carbon emissions caused by the use of fossil fuels and diesel powered equipment.

Firefly Solar design and manufacture off-grid, portable and permanent solar-powered generators that harness energy from the sun using photovoltaic (PV) cells and storing the energy for when power is needed. Additionally, multi-charge inputs allow kinetic and wind energy to be stored for convenient use. We are specialists in green energy storage systems; our expertise in batteries, electronics and software has enabled our generators to overcome many of the problems of intermittency which can be associated with renewable energy sources.

Firefly Solar provides temporary stand-alone power for the events, broadcast, and construction industries; permanent stand-alone power for rural locations and telecommunications; and back-up (UPS) power with extended run times for locations with intermittent grid connectivity.

Past clients include Coca-Cola Enterprises, the BBC, Sky, Greenpeace, Friends of the Earth and Solar Aid.

Green Profile

In addition to providing sustainable energy solutions to their clients, Firefly Solar also take care to reduce the environmental impacts of their own operations. They have a 0-waste-to-landfill-policy and operate a stringent sustainable procurement policy that prioritises UK suppliers, recycled materials and FSC-certified timber. Firefly’s office and warehouse are entirely powered by renewable energy from the UK’s sole dedicated supplier of 100% renewable energy. Solar generators returning from an event are re- charged using solar arrays positioned on the roof of the warehouse.

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    Conferences and Indoor EventsFestivals and Outdoor EventsFilm and TelevisionRadio
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    ConsultancyLighting Hire and SalesPower (including Biodiesel and Renewable Energy)
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    South East


The Green Warehouse
Court Farm House
King George VI Avenue

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